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Attention social workers, counselors, teachers and other human service professionals...

"What if almost everything you believed about working with at-risk children has been seriously missing the key ingredients for mental health and wellness. Brain and body science now tells us what has been going wrong in the past century. How would you like all the answers for the healing our challenging children and adolescents, throughout a FOUR-DAY Bootcamp?"

Here's the real scoop on Healing the Inside Child, an intensive four-day boot camp that utilizes a proven brain-based, wellness approach with stressed and traumatized children and adolescents by implementing a revolutionary, non-traditional method that incorporates body/mind research, resiliency approaches and trauma informed care.

"Everything is going much better."

Dear John,
(re: adoptive daughter)

Now that I have a different approach and new strategies, everything is going much better. Even my family is looking at my daughter and noticing the changes in her along with summer school staff. She brought home a progress report that had all the classes that she is taking with passing on it and she was so proud of herself. It was really amazing to see! Thanks again so much for all the help during the fabulous boot camp!

Kim Galarno
Foster Care Therapist,
Holy Cross Children Services

If you're frustrated and feeling like you're failing with special needs children and adolescents, our guess is you may be stuck in a traditional behavioral scripted approach. Our culture is in dire need of trauma informed practices and this workshop addresses this need, not only with children but also with adults harboring body-mind trauma from the past. This training camp will teach a brain/ body based, relational paradigm with a ton of hands on sure-fire tools providing rapid results presented by an expert with over 33 years working with delinquent and abuse/neglect youth populations.

You will walk away informed by a certified trainer and the founder of National Institute for Resiliency and Wellness and with a new inspiration and passion. You will be equipped and empowered with a compelling paradigm which is smack full of the latest and most powerful tools to take back and galvanize a healing approach with your family, school or agency.

Become Certified as a National Institute for Resiliency and Wellness (NIRW) Trainer

Are you bored with your life and career?

Then throw yourself into some work you believe in with all your heart and passion and you will find happiness that you had thought could never be yours.

Become an expert and equipped to galvanized families, schools and the human service field with John Micsak's "Healing the Inside Child Program"

What is a Certified Instructor?

As a certified instructor for the National Institute for Healing and Wellness, you'll be certified to assist parents. professionals and educators struggling with the most difficult behaviors displayed by children with trauma histories. In this boot camp we will review all of the components of our groundbreaking approaches and provide tools to assist you in instructing successful classes. We take your success very seriously and have put many additional supports in place.

I'm looking for emerging social workers, counselors, teachers and human service professionals who care about a dignified and groundbreaking system to work with some of our most needy children and adolescents. If you are sick and tired of spinning your wheels with mundane and ineffective approaches, please read on.

I want motivated and committed individuals who are serious about building their expertise in the following disciplines: trauma informed care, brain and body science, resiliency work and relational healing. We will do this systematically through eight clinical modules and you'll know exactly what human service professionals are waiting to learn about your expertise!

$$$$$ Option. We are offering "Profit Sharing" for our Certified Instructors. Earn your registration back in no time and create a stream of steady income by selling our products at your own events or with your clients and colleagues.

This camp is not for everyone, but for those few who really are looking for a new pathway to do extraordinary and compelling work.

Limited to the first 20 "Heroes or Heroines" that meet the above criteria.

John Micsak

Dear Colleagues,

If you're feeling that your value is marginalized and understated because of routine traditional approaches that fail to win the hearts and spirits of children then please tune into this life changing event. Over the past 15 years I have concentrated my efforts synthesizing revolutionary approaches from the new pioneers in the field. I consider myself a trainer and a front-liner first. I have experienced profound and compelling changes both in my professional life and in my own personal life by applying the strategies I have learned over years and am now providing in this boot camp experience.

It doesn't matter if you're brand-new to the journey of healing our most cherished gifts, our children, or if you've been at it for years and for whatever reason. If you intensely desire to be more effective and being viewed as a trauma informed expert, or resiliency expert, please read on...
"I've Never Been to a Training Like This Before..."

“John Micsak has outstanding hands on experience with the most troubled youth. He provides one example after another. I took 50 pages of notes and strategies. I’ve never been to a training like this before; the workshop itself was a sensory experience.”

Dr. Karen Stubenbort
University of Pittsburg

"A training that can truly make a difference in the healing of our communities..."

“WOW! This is a training that can truly make a difference in the healing of our communities. “Healing the Inside Child” is much more than ground breaking information – it’s an experience that will change the way you look at yourself and others. Thank you John!”

Vivien Finnigan
Child and Family Counselor
St. Elizabeth Healthcare Hospice,
Northern KY

"Startling New Developments in the Area of Childhood Trauma..."

“John Micsak’s workshop was recently rated as the top presentation at the (MEAAY) Michigan Educational Association for Adjudicated Youth conference in Lansing, John provides startling new developments in the area of childhood trauma, neurophysiological (body-mind) research, positive youth psychology and resiliency work with at risk children and adolescents.”

The Michigan Federation for Children and Family State News
Lansing, MI

"With short powerful bursts of information coupled with hard-hitting videos, Micsak transmits a powerful message that any adult working with a child needs to hear. "

“John Micsak recently presented in London Ontario at a local trauma conference sponsored by the National Institute for Trauma and Loss in Children. We call our group TLC London and were very excited to welcome John to our mid-sized Canadian city. John was a dynamic and riveting speaker and presented on Healing the Inside Child: Brain Based and Wellness Approaches with challenging children and Adolescents.

As a principal and a school social worker as well as both being trauma and loss consultant specialists, our number one dilemma is consulting with teachers who report " I cannot do ANYTHING with the child" or "nothing works" and often we are faced with a teacher who wants to like the child but is finding the behaviour nothing short of impossible. Parents also frequently turn to schools to find the answers to a child who seems to have lost the motivation to succeed or to seek help with parenting a child who seems unable to listen or follow a simple behaviour plan.

John Micsak reminds us that trauma changes us at a cellular level. Regulation is the key to any successful plan for success whether it is in the home or the school or community setting. With short powerful bursts of information coupled with hard-hitting videos, Micsak transmits a powerful message that any adult working with a child needs to hear. Micsak prompts us to seek answers in the brain-body-mind paradigm and capture the healing that is transferred in safe, predictable and nurturing responses.

Micsak challenges to think in a new way about time out and instead offer a reparative and healing time in or time away program. He brings new meaning to offering a child "a safe place and a safe face". Teaching parents about the value of knowing when the most powerful moments of the day are for a soothing healing intervention is only one of the many strategies Micsak teaches in a training day. I have used a variation of Micsak's 'wellness cards' with children, teaching them the value of identifying understanding their triggers to trauma and stress and helping them build their own action plan as well as being able to ask for support and help from the caring adults around them.

Micsak's message is not only passionate about 'what to do' to reach a child with "danger brain" but he also expertly guides the participant to resolve what participants should not do! Micsak's program is relationship-based and he himself provides a warm intuitive approach that allows participants to believe in the strength of every single positive human interaction.

We were enriched by his contribution to our local program and are excited about future presentations in his program."

Barb Dorrington & Barb Desjardins
School Social Worker and Principal

Gain Access to My Synthesized and Proven Approach for Working with Challenging Children and Adolescents, Drawing from Trauma Informed Care, Relational Work, Resiliency and Brain Research

My approach when working with challenging children and adolescents is to draw upon social, emotional and relational factors that impact how we work with them. This cutting edge approach is proven in healing stressed and traumatized youth. There is no need for children, adolescents and adults to be left behind or held hostage by childhood experiences over which they had no control. We who interface with them have the power to make a dramatic difference in the outcome of their lives.

That's why during four power-packed days at Healing the Inside Child I will reveal:
  • The main secret why educators and professionals fail with behavior approaches.
  • Answers to your biggest challenges and greatest frustrations in working with challenging children and adolescents.
  • New and groundbreaking trauma interventions for Adults
  • Revolutionary breakthroughs in neurophysiology (body/ mind) and resiliency research in working with challenging youth populations.
  • The latest trauma informed strategies and interventions with video reviews and case study applications.
  • The Triune brain treatment- addressing disruptive behavior by focusing internally on healing the nervous system and 3 brain regions from sequentially from the bottom to top.
  • Techniques to break through the walls of defensiveness and re-connect with a child.
  • Insights to providing extraordinary care-giving through conscious relationship building.
  • New and advanced modalities reaching deeper brain regions resulting in long term and intrinsic healing with a child.
  • How to feed the brain and body what it needs, taking away the toxins.
  • The Whole Child Approach, enabling you to set up healing environments for your school, family or treatment facility.
  • Creating compassionate care and trauma informed practice in hospitals and mental health facilities.
  • Care for the Caregivers, a method for challenging our own subconscious programming and creating a passion for your work.

"One of the most dynamic and motivational speakers to use neurobiological research... "

“John Micsak is one of the most dynamic and motivational speakers to use neuro-biological research with common sense to improve our clinical intervention with traumatized children and adolescents to come around in a long time! Thanks John!”

John Mills. LMSW, ACSW
School Social Worker, Eaton Intermediate School District,
Charlotte, MI

Healing the Inside Child
Boot Camp Schedule of Events




8:30 AM – 9:00
  • AM Coffee/Registration
9:00 AM – 10:15 AM
  • The Impact: Traumatic stress in the new millennium
  • Are we out of our minds! Keeping sane in an insane world.
  • The 8 components of the stress response
  • Polyvagal Theory (Dr. Steven Porges)
  • Acute Stress vs. Traumatic Stress
  • Defining Type I , Type II trauma, Complex PTSD and Developmental Trauma Disorder
  • Regulation, dysregulation and immobilization/Hypo-arousal and hyper-arousal
10: 15 AM – 10:30
10:30 AM- 12:30 PM
  • Trauma soft ware: Adverse childhood events
  • The three year blueprint and attachment disruption/Rupture and repair
  • The impact on brain structures and brain chemistry/Brain plasticity
  • Risk Factors for PTSD/Neurological considerations
  • Video: Adolescent discussing traumatic events
12: 30 PM – 1:30 PM

"Healing the Inside Child is a "medium rare approach" to wellness approaches and therapy for children and youth."

"In my twenty five year of clinical continuing education, this workshop was the most relevant, meaningful and well balanced presentation I have participated in. John's presentation of Healing the Inside Child is a "medium rare approach" to wellness approaches and therapy for children and youth."

David Lyke
Chief Operating Officer,
Albany Park Community Center,
Chicago, IL

"Off the charts, phenomenal!"

"Thank you, thank you! Best and most practical seminar I ever attended. So informative! Can't express enough gratitude, well share and spread. Off the charts, phenomenal!"

Christina Meli
Youth Program Director,
Baldwin Center,
Pontiac, MI

1:30 PM– 3:00 PM
  • What parents and professionals need to know to help traumatized children and themselves
  • Group activity: Honoring our own pain, acknowledging the "Inside Child"
  • Video presentation: Sensory integration with traumatized children and adults
  • Creating safety and structure before processing
  • Drawing and expressive therapies
  • The 6 keys to processing stories
3:00 PM - 3:15 PM
3:15 PM –4:30 PM
  • Conducting individual sessions (geared for therapists)
  • The trauma narrative
  • Pros and cons of memory work.
  • Titration and pendulation
  • Structured sensory intervention (Dr. William Steele)



8:30 AM – 9:00 AM
  • Coffee/Registration
9:00 AM – 10:15 AM
  • Group building exercises: Find your family
  • "The Microwave Society" and The "Second Family Phenomenon"
  • The biological imperative for relationship: Building inclusion and belonging
  • The four crucial needs for emotional and psychological growth of our children (and us).
10: 15 AM– 10:30 AM
10:30 AM- 12:30PM
  • Video Clip: "Broken Circle" the plight of a young man caught in the foster care/adoption system (award winning documentary)
  • Mending broken bonds: Stop the madness! Bringing love back into a fear based coercive society.
  • 10 sure fire resiliency builders (presence, limbic resonance, co-regulation, acceptance, triple A, bids and windows, time in, return of family rituals and more)
  • Rupture and repair: Creating restorative environments
12: 30 PM – 1:30 PM
1:30 PM – 3:00 PM
  • Self-exploration exercise Risky vs. Protective Adults
  • The Neuro-Physiological feedback loop/Exploring the blueprints of your unconscious
  • 10 keys to becoming a charismatic adult (Acknowledging the humanity of our children, physical affection, humor and playfulness, making peace with yourself and much more)
  • Group Activity: The lost art of listening , learning to be a witness
  • Right brain communication: Non-verbal skills (proxemics, kinesthics and para-verbal behavior)
  • Non-Violent Communication
  • Self Exploration/Developing coherent life narratives
3:00 PM- 3:15 PM
3:15 PM– 4: 30 PM
  • Video Case Study: Explosion in the Classroom
  • The number one reason for failed disciplinary actions in schools and out of home placements.
  • Discipline: balancing love, nurturing, presence, role modeling and limit setting
  • Two destructive trends: Dictators /fear mongers or the permissive/absent adult.
  • Time in, containment and collaborative problem solving
  • Stop driving our kids further from the social bond: 5 steps towards immediate recovery and reintegration (vs. restraint, isolation, expulsion and suspension).

"According to John Micsak... "

"I am writing today from the 2009 National Institute for Trauma and Loss Annual Symposium, a gathering of trauma specialists from around the US who share an interest in sensory and somatic interventions for traumatized children and their families. According to John Micsak, symposium keynote and director of a resiliency outreach program for youth, addressing three regions of the brain can help. These regions are defined as 1) the thinking brain [cortex] responsible for abstract reasoning; 2) the emotional brain [limbic] responsible for affect regulation, empathy, affiliation, and tolerance; and 3) the survival brain [brain stem or reptilian] responsible for fight or flight, heartbeat, and other body regulation functions."

Dr. Cathy Malchiodi
"Psychology Today" May, 2009



8:30 AM– 9:00 PM
  • Coffee/Registration
9:00 AM – 10:15 PM
  • Video case review: traumatized youth in inner city Baltimore
  • Triune brain: interventions for the three brain regions and the nervous system
  • Triggers, Body Awareness and Wellness cards
  • The C.A.R.E program (resiliency planning)
  • Trauma assessment tool: measuring arousal, avoidance and re-experiencing
  • The De-stress approach: calming aggression and/or extreme arousal patterns
  • The Engage Model : connecting and collaborative problem solving
10: 15 AM – 10:30 PM
10:30 AM- 12:30 PM
  • Video case review: Creating the healing vortex for a traumatized, fetal alcohol spectrum child.
  • Demonstration of Thera-Play (Dr. Stanley Greenspan)
  • Co- regulation and advancing auto-regulation
  • Practicing the Relaxation Response
  • Sensory work: healing through the eight sensory pathways
  • Down regulation and up regulation strategies
  • Sensory Diets: Stopping sensory assaults and introducing sensory "nutrition"
  • Sensory rooms, boxes, carts and learning centers
12: 30 AM – 1:30 PM
1:30 –3:00 PM
  • Sub-cortical interventions
  • Dynamic body-mind approaches
  • Bi-Lateral stimulation: Psych K, Super Brain Yoga and EMDR
  • Energy Psychology: Tapping, Focusing and Grounding
  • Tai Chi, Yoga and Eastern Medicinal Approaches
3:00 AM - 3:15 PM
3:15 AM– 4: 30 PM
  • Group Activity: Bio-Feedback Experience
  • Adventure/ Logo Therapy: Trauma specific activities for all of us
  • Video review: Demonstration of Somatic Processing
  • Family Regulatory Therapy/Group Activity: Applying Theory and Technique



8:30 AM– 9:00 PM
  • Coffee/Registration
9:00 AM– 10:15 PM
  • Traditional vs. trauma informed environments
  • The 10 keys to a trauma informed program for schools and agencies.
  • Research: 8 iatrogenic (how we screw kids up) in residential programs
  • Creating safety and protective factors
  • Assessing physical environment
  • Schools: Stop boring students to tears! Creative pedagogy ( enhance your teaching approach)
  • Reducing the negative impact of school pressure and no child left behind mandates.
10: 15 AM – 10:30 PM
10:30 AM- 12:30 PM
  • Hospitals and Mental Health facilities: Creating compassionate care and sensory soothing environments.
  • Reducing cycles of re-traumatization to promote a secure environment for quick recovery.
  • Methods to reduce the fear, stress and alienation of clients and patients.
  • Creating circles of help: How to develop trauma informed learning communities.
12: 30 PM– 1:30 PM
1:30 AM – 3:00 PM
  • Reloading new soft ware into our subconscious
  • The secret to the "Law of Attraction"
  • Mindfulness awareness practice
  • Sunshine sheets, vision boards, scrapbook of strength, and mind movies.
  • Eastern philosophies/mantras and karma/meditative Practices.
3:00 – 3:15 PM
3:15 AM– 4: 30 PM
  • Brain Chemistry Optimization Program for adolescents and adults. (Robertson Research)
  • Combating compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma
  • Brain wellness plans for clients and us (Dr. Daniel Amen)
  • A very special activity that will leave you feeling re-energize
  • Group closure

"This is one of the best trainings I have ever attended... "

“This is one of the best trainings I have ever attended because the information was research based, evidence based and current Not only was it fun, but it was enlightening, refreshing and reassuring. Additionally, the information was presented form heart to heart. We felt it in our souls!”

Yvette Orr
School Social Worker, Grand Rapids Public School District,
Grand Rapids, MI

"...very progressive."

"Great seminar, very progressive. This information will benefit me personally and consequently those around me... my family, my staff, my residents"

Troy Huff
Home Coordinator,
Alabama Youth Home

Text Book:

Healing the Inside Child: Cutting Edge Strategies with Traumatized Youth.

Training Manual:

Module worksheets for each module that will help you focus and create the essential information you need in all the cutting edge disciplines.

1-Hour Consultation:

Follow up one hour phone consultation with John Micsak.

Top Secret Resource Listings:

A list of the best resources in the disciplines of trauma informed work, resiliency research and brain and body science.

Instructor Certification:

Your listing as a certified instructor on the National Institute for Resiliency and Wellness website.

I Am Giving You the First Opportunity to Fill the Upcoming Group BEFORE Anyone Else, So Time Is of the Essence...

The Healing the Inside Child System is specifically designed for the most creative, intuitive and compassionate souls! My affiliates and the feedback of past students surrounding my long history of clinical training have me convinced that I have underestimated the need for this.

Register for my 4 day boot camp below and I will personally teach you my proven system so that you can catapult your career and value as a life changing expert in the plight of our most challenging children and adolescents.

Healing the Inside Child

YES! Reserve my spot in your 4-day bootcamp, Healing the Inside Child where I will discover your proven, brain-based, wellness approach with challenging children and adolescents by implementing a revolutionary and non-traditional method that incorporates body/mind research, positive youth psychology, resiliency approaches and trauma informed care.

Here's everything that's included in the Bootcamp:

  • FOUR days that are jam-packed with your EIGHT module system
  • Text Book: Healing the Inside Child
  • Powerful Videos and Power Points
  • Training Manual
  • Follow up one hour phone consultation with John
  • Expert's Resource Listings
  • Instructor Certification
  • Listing on The National Institute for Resiliency and Wellness website
  • Listing on John Micsak's, www.healingtheinsidechild.com website
  • Profit Sharing with John Micsak/s resources! (earn your registration fee back in no time)

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4-Day Bootcamp Cost: $598

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Wishing you a destiny with integrity and influence,

John Micsak

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